2010 October Show

Homo Rogue: Do Ask, Do Tell

Dates: October 15th & 16th, 2010
Times: Cocktails at 7:00pm
Show at 8:00pm
Show: Will the Dems get the boot in November? Will Prop 8 remain unconstitutional? Which anti-gay activist will next turn out to be a closeted hypocrite? Opening its 9th season, CCKC celebrates two years of political pandemonium, tea baggers, and all.
  • All That Sheltering Emptiness, Film by Gina Carducci
    A film that explores the story of a NYC call boy, shot on 6MM, the film is a contemplation on consent and queer sex interwoven with cabs and chandeliers.
  • Delicio Del Toro, Drag artist
    Known to spend his time being tall, dark, and handsome, he can also be found dragging it up at the National Queer Arts Festival, Trannyshack, and the International Drag King Community Extravaganza.
  • noon:30, Band
    One of DC’s most exciting and intriguing power trios: not afraid to stand in the legacy of their post-punk forbearers but more than willing to challenge your assumptions of what a power trio can sound like.
  • Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective, GENRE
    Exploring the social, political, and metaphysical uses of movement. They aim to fill the eyes of the onlookers with self-proclaimed fanciness and ferocious emotion.
  • Scenes from “Jay Dreams”, Film by Catherine Pancake
    Based on haikus by writer and poet Jai Brooks, Catherine Pancake’s hilarious and sexy short film features African-American performers from Baltimore & DC.
Location: Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

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