Charm City Kitty Club Dykes in Space Flyer

Charm City Kitty Club presents Dykes In Space: The Next Generation 

Enjoy our intrepid crew of queers as we journey into the distant reaches of the galaxy in search of life lessons, love, and laughter!

Featuring out-of-this-world performers from Baltimore and beyond!

Kotic Couture – Baltimore’s own “Queen of the Underground” Rapper and DJ

Planchette – a short film by Dipa, a Bangledeshi LGBTQ activist

A special performance by Baltimore darling, Sarah Strahorn

Kenny Rooster – Drag, Burlesque, Comedy – the possibilities are endless with this multi-talented powerhouse

Sarah Pinsker – Award winning and Baltimore’s own science fiction author

And much, much more!!

Get in your transporters and get to this show!!


Wearing face masks is highly encouraged and masks will be provided.

ASL interpretation on December 9th

A Word From the Itty Bitty Kitty Equity Committee

It has been far too long since we last shared space with you. Since then, this nation and our communities are grappling with the resurgence and long-suffering social disease of white supremacy and the ongoing effects of a global health crisis. Indeed, the world is a heavy place. We are still here, queer, and creating. We hope you are too. While our theater has been dark, we would like you to know that work continues. The Kitty Club is a radical collective of humans vested in social justice through the arts and we acknowledge that it is time to sharpen that focus toward racial justice. 

Our desire to be most effective in this work finds the Collectives’ need to lean into ourselves, both individually and organizationally, a bit more. We recognize the highly subversive, and pervasive nature of systemic racism and find oppression highly adaptable and inherent to these systems. To truly become effective agents of change, we seek first to look inward: examining our own efforts to highlight voices and experiences of color, unpack learned behaviors that delegitimize individuals’ contributions and experiences, eradicate micro and macro aggressions, and use our visibility to advocate and uphold antiracist practices. 

We seek meaningful evaluation within the collective and recognize this work needs to be entered into intentionally, mindfully and as safely as possible. We are a special community of artists fortunate to count multitudes of infinite identities and experiences among us. With that, comes the reality that folks will be entering this work from different starting points. While we uphold space for the journey, we are prioritizing our commitment to foster a space where Kitties of color aren’t burdened with white fragility, caretaking, educating, or representing. To help the success of this work, we seek experienced guidance, and are exploring professional facilitators with experience in racial justice work from a queer artistic lens to continue our courageous conversations.


Why now? It’s hard to ignore this critical turning point in our history. We watch as democracy is threatened, bear witness to increasing murders of excessive force, and see a virus of non-discriminatory virtue disproportionately harm marginalized communities; all under pervasive messaging that systemic racism doesn’t exist. We, and our loved ones have suffered for generations. We refuse to un-see disparities; we refuse to un-see police brutality; we refuse to dismiss accountability; and we refuse an oppressive, racist system.


Windows and mirrors. Often, we learn from stories in one of two ways: the window, which opens audiences into a world of life and experiences unknown, or the mirror that brings visibility to self. When we talk about racial justice in this moment, we must ask ourselves, which experience is mine? Are you facing your own privileges? Are you scared living in your own skin? Are you feeling seen for the first time? What are you hearing for the first time? As we share our stories, we seek to connect through windows, mirrors, and more. While our backgrounds and experiences vary, we are, in this moment, engaged together. 

We are reminded that we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors before us and share the desire to build upon their legacy so that we may lend our shoulders for the generations ahead.


In action,

Yours and Ours
The Itty Bitty Kitty Equity Committee (IBKEC)