2010 May Show


Dates: April 30 & May 1, 2010
Times: Cocktails at 7:00pm
Show at 8:00pm
Show: Has Fox News kidnapped Rachel Maddow? A shipment of flannel shirts been stolen? MacGayver’s on the case! The fearless special agent crafts a solution to any crisis with a block of tofu, a yoga mat and some spiking gel.
  • Bitch, Musician
    Bitch’s musical journey has taken her from classical-violin training in the suburbs to experimental flicks in NYC. After leaving the outskirts of Detroit for the artier charms of Chicago—Bitch’s unconventional and outspoken approach to performance caught the attention of a number of indie luminaries. Bitch’s out-of-the-ordinary message resonated with a generation of gender non-conformists.
  • Pariah Piranha, Band
    Pariah Piranha was born in feb of 2006. the band released feel my face noise independently in May 2007 followed by the release of animus unanimous in 2008 on queer control records
  • Geo Wyeth & Jive Grave, Musician
    Geo Wyeth, aka Novice Theory, a one-man band that mixes piano, klezmer, accordian, and a melange of musical styles to create a thoroughly unique and utterly captivating experience.
  • E-Cleff, Male impersonator
    E-Cleff formerly performed with the DC Drag Kings and ROCKETT, but now this male impersonator has his own group The Bad Boys. The popular performer energizes everyone in the crowd, but ”it’s always for the ladies!”
  • Karl Marks, Performance artist
  • Butthole Lickin’, Movie
Location: Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore MD 21224

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