2014 January Show

Home Sweet Homo

Dates: January 24th & 25th, 2014
Times: Cocktails at 7:00pm
Show at 8:00pm
Show: Come celebrate our new home with us!
  • Below the Belt, Spoken word
    ATrysexual Women’s Erotic Poetry Roadshow. Below the Belt is a literary anthology and an enticing poetic roadshow of erotic writings by cross-spectrum women of unapologetically empowered sensuality. BtB proves that regardless of age, race, ability or taste – women’s sexuality is…poetic.
  • Velocity Charms, Aerialist
    Velocity Charms is a local queer performer, sex educator and therapeutic yoga teacher. She has been performing for over 20 years, working in a number of different venues. She works with pole dancing, stilt walking, acrobatics, juggling and aerial silks. With her beautiful array of skills she combines dynamic movement of the body with the life long journey of healing the heart.
  • Steadwell Fantasy, Film
    Be Steadwell found film through her love of music. Shooting music videos allowed Be to explore rhythm and texture in experimental film. Placing queer women of color at the center of her narratives, she uses fantasy, music, and love to tell her stories. In the past two years, film festivals in Oakland, London, New Delhi, Berlin, and New York have featured her films. Currently pursuing her MFA in film from Howard University, Steadwell works on her thesis film, Vow of Silence. ESU is an interpretation of the Brothers Grimms’ Little Red Cap. Esu tells the story of two women and the way their love blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, submission and dominance.
  • The Dandy Vagabonds, Acro-balancers
    A wonderful pair of local queers, Kitty Club members, and traveling circus artists. They bring performance infused with light, movement, whimsy, intensity, drama, beauty and love.
  • Silence Kid, Indie rock band
    Silence Kid is a 90’s-tinged indie rock power duo from Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 2010, they released their first album, Thin Walls, in the fall of 2012 and are currently crafting a follow-up to be released in 2014.
Location: Baltimore Theater Project
45 W Preston St
Baltimore, MD 21201

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